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Website Vulnerability Scanner


The web service allows to search for website exploits. Results are obtained from Google custom search via API.

Nowadays websites are regularly attacked by multiple and devious viruses.

With so many potential threats detecting vulnerabilities is an important task for IT admins. That means using a vulnerability scanning tool to detect threats and manage security of the site.

This web service allows to check if a website is attackable by well-known threats. You can check top ten queries for free. In addition, you can check all queries in a search and pay for the service via PayPal, or get the results from Google custom search via API, or subscribe for monthly check per year and have the results sent to your email. After you enter a domain name into the appropriate field and press enter you will see the list of possible exploits and a level of vulnerability of your website to each exploit. The ideal status of every possible threaten - Not Found.

Key functionality:

  • Analyze HTTP headers for security misconfiguration
  • Check the security of HTTP cookies
  • Check the SSL certificate of the server
  • Check if the server software is affected by known vulnerabilities
  • Analyze robots.txt for interesting URLs
  • Check whether a client access file exists, and if it contains a wildcard entry (clientaccesspolicy.xml, crossdomain.xml)
  • Check for SQL Injection
  • Check for Cross-Site Scripting
  • Check for Local File Inclusion and Remote File Inclusion
  • Check for OS Command Injection
  • Check for outdated JavaScript libraries
  • Find administrative pages
  • Check for sensitive files (archives, backups, certificates, key stores) based on hostname and some common words
  • Check for information disclosure issues