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Enterprise web platforms

Scalable and secure architecture is the key to the reliable and fault tolerant enterprise web service. We are proud of our expertise in this field with comprehensive set of best practices that we’ve developed and implemented during years of work.

Chatbot solutions

Intelligent bots that can replace humans in support and sales area. Trained by NLP models they can detect intentions and sentiments.

Messenger apps

In the era when most of the communication is done via mobile devices, our experience in building custom messenger solutions bears a great value.

Advanced data processing

By utilizing machine learning algorithms we’ve already helped our clients to reorganize their businesses in education, telecommunication and financial spheres. Our portfolio covers the prediction of revenue numbers based on historical data as well as building recommendation systems which relevant to the user choices and computer vision solutions that analyse the video and image data.

Healthcare software

We have developed dozens of medical solutions, including those that deal with external medical devices. Artificial intelligence algorithms can boost medical services as it processes massive volumes of numeric data and analyzes image data with an extraordinary level of accuracy.

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