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Mypwd web application


Web-based service to detect private information leakage

Web application using which users are able to find out if their email and password have been leaked. The system monitors the leakage of user’s corporate email credentials (email, password and hash). By identifying a new credential leak, a real-time alert is sent to a user’s company, informing which credentials were compromised. The tool that monitors digital risks and threats, offering a wide database that can be easily used to find out which password must be changed before it is used in frauds caused by digital criminals.

Targets and goals:
Create a multilingual web application for working with external API using React.js. Synchronize your language selection with a cookie browser and URL. Send a cross-platform email-template through the Spark Post service to the user’s mail. Use the capabilities of JS and CSS to sequentially animate elements on a page.
Work with API.
The system works with a third-party API and monitors the leakage of confidential data. Having received the verification result, a letter is sent to the user’s address through the Spark Post service with full information about further steps. Email templates support all possible email services.
Animation slider.
The project used local CSS animations for slider elements.
Simplicity in management.
Animation of elements when scrolling content, with the ability to set parameters via HTML attributes.


Key functionality:
  • Multilanguage support
  • Email management
  • Security
  • Data recovery
Development time
4 weeks 1 developer