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Vending machines system


Vending machines became absolutely popular during Covid-19. Our company had developed a system providing customers and vending machines owners with amazing experience!

During the project, we followed the following ideas:

Providing smooth customer experience. The web store is available from your desktop browser as well as from a mobile device. Making pre-orders allows booking best selling products for a limited period of time. All the account verification can be done both from desktop browser as well as from the vending machine itself. Account security is provided with the usage of Iris scanner and Legal document scanners and verification.

Electron application is installed on the vending machine OS directly so no lags appear. Web apps are lightweight and do not cause any optimization issues as many desktop applications do. Smooth auto-update allows customers getting the newest machine version in a minute!

ezv desktop mobile.png

Admin side system required to be not only good looking, but easy customizable. Our clients needed to have several system management levels to be sure nothing is broken by a random employee.

At the meantime, system is simple. Managing products catalog, stock, vending machine planogram doesn’t take much time. Notifications implemented allow admins and owners be always sure they’re not loosing time and money. Advertisement management system allows easily earn additional money when there’re no customers next to your machine.

Machine status control system notify about errors and failures immediately. We all know how important to have 100% uptime!

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 14.49.37.png
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We have developed several sub-systems for EzVending company. The systems are:

  • Admin panel for users, customers, machines and products stock management. Each system part is customizable: starting from user permissions to custom advertisement calendar;
  • Web store for online shopping;
  • Customizable web store interface so that each Retailer (i.e. vending machine owner) has own design style and unique subdomain if needed;
  • Electron based web application for the Vending machine itself;
  • WPF based backend for the vending machine to manage the security scanners, the products dispensary system;
  • Notifications: promotion, orders notifications, admin side notifications to be always sure your vending machine is full of goods;
  • And many more!

Integrations we delivered are:

  • WorldNet and DataCap payment gateways integration;
  • Ingenico payment terminals integration;
  • Anviz Iris 2000 scanner integration for the Desktop based backend. Security is important when you buy age-restricted products;
  • QR code scanner integration for easy account access;
  • ID scanner integration to handle legal system access. Users are asked for ID card or Driver license to prove their age;
  • METRC system integration;
  • ID Analyzer integration for identity verification;
  • Maps service for route planning. It’s easy to find the vending machine when you can build a route to it

Tech stack used for the project is:

  • PHP Laravel REST API, PostgreSQL DB;
  • AWS environment;
  • Twillio for notifications (SMS), AWS SES for emails;
  • React + Electron based frontend apps;
  • C# for machine application
Development time
25 weeks 4 developers