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Mobile Quiz Game


The project is an iOS application meant for users to compete against each other or against bots. The goal of the game is to reach the highest place in the top rating leaderboard by earning points for each win.

The precisely elaborated game flow and well-designed UX helped the final product reach high values of user engagement metrics. Players can invite their friends to compete.

The first user selects two subjects where he has highest expertise, and his competitor can select other two subjects he likes. Four rounds with four questions in each round can be played in real-time if the players are online. Or it can spread up to 24 hours if someone is busy and wants to switch to the next round in a while.


The highlight of the game is an avatar builder where each user can construct a game character by selecting haircut, skin color, eyes and other parts of the face.


The project includes a web-based administrator panel where game subjects, questions, answers and users can be flexibly managed.


As for the technologies used, the iOS application is developed in native Swift language, the backend is written in Golang, and the admin panel is a React+Golang bundle.

Development time
10 weeks 2 developers