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Platform to evaluate translation quality


Web platform for a German linguistic company making high-quality translations of important documents, technical instructions, and manuals.

Using the web portal interpreters upload translations they performed, and the employees responsible for the quality check carry out control - make edits, comments, and eventually verify the overall quality of the translation.

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Project creation.
Project creation begins with uploading a zip file (package) containing the project files. The result can be one of the following:
  • A project is set up containing one task for each language pair found and the user is prompted to fill in the rest of the information and select the target languages to evaluate.
  • The user is prompted to create a project from scratch in case the package is of unknown format type and therefore cannot be read. In this case a project containing a single task is created. Known package format types are Trados and Across.
  • The project fails: The user is prompted to upload another file in case the first file extension is not correct. Files acceptable for uploading can only have the following file extensions: zip, sdlppx. If the total word count in the package statistics is under customer’s MWC, the upload returns an appropriate message and the project fails.
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Proofreader assignment.
On the project details page click the “Assign proofreader” button. Select the proofreaders to receive a proposal by clicking on the appropriate checkbox. The selected proofreaders will receive a proposal to take on the task, accompanied by an email to notify them for the event.
Proofreaders listed on this page are those having at least the language and industry field capacity for the given task. The project manager can filter the list to see only those that have worked on a task of the given business unit before or those that have the capacity of the document type instead of just the industry field. If no proofreaders are available the project manager can add a new proofreader from inside the assignment form. By doing so the application will add the capacity for this task to that proofreader.
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Every translation is rated according to the number of error points collected from all the errors and the number of evaluated words. Rating is an integer in the range 0-100 and is calculated by subtracting 1 unit from the 100 for each error point per 1000 words:

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Project owner reviewing.
Project owner can start reviewing at any time after the delivery. Inviting the LSP to review is an option and so is waiting for the LSP to finish reviewing. This level has no end, nothing follows it and there is no finishing button to mark the project as completed or archived.
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Account types serve as roles for the users. Each account type groups a set of permissions that can be applied to users. Editing the permissions of an account type changes the permissions of all users under this account type.