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The Rundown platform redesign


UI/UX redesign for TheRundown betting aggregator platform

We have implemented TheRundown platform’s full redesign.

The platform’s main goal was taken into account during our work:

it’s critical to let our users check best odds from any place using any Internet. That is, it was required not only to provide full responsiveness but also a highly optimized interface.

Group 3 (2).png

As seen on the screenshots below, the amount of data is enormous. Moreover, it’s possible to get data in real-time to make the best betting decisions.

Group 2.png

Each user can easily customize the interface on any device.

Using a weak smartphone or having a bad Internet connection? Turn of the animations, change update frequency or simply turn off the sports you are not interested in to save resources of your device.

Group 2 (1).png
Development time
24 weeks 2 developers