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Social application


iOS application for a social network that allows meeting new people according to their geolocation.

Product: We have made it possible for the users to be in contact with their friends and meet new people in public places. They can send messages, add places of visits to favorites, hide or reveal their location with this iOS app.

The principal idea of this social network and iOS app in particular is meeting with people according to geolocation. People can chat with their friends or strangers only when they are checked-in at the same place.
Before visiting a cafe or a multiplex, the application can show the number of males and females there. Of course, the users can check-in in a cinema sitting at home, but the icon GEO won’t prove their true geo-position.
To prevent everybody being aware of a user’s location we created several privacy settings, including black and white lists.
Each user may have up to three profiles, each of them different from the others in friends, favorite places and photos.
Quick switch between the profiles relieves the users from regular tedious checking in and out.
The complex of functions makes this application a handy tool for meeting new people.

Available on iOS platform, in usual desktop browsers and on Android.

Key functionality:

  • Check-in,
  • Search filters,
  • Social features (likes, friends),
  • Payment integration,
  • Chat,
  • Media content
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Development time
12 weeks 2 developers