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Radio streaming application


Windows software that allows to listen to wide range of radio stations and add desired ones to favourites.

We have developed a radio-based streaming music app that pulls music from radio stations. It allows users to search for songs, albums, and artists or choose from a curated list of genres.

Anywhere you have wi-fi or cell service you can listen to your local area stations, or to any music from around the world. You type it in the search area and off you go! Or find any song streaming anywhere in the world in under a second. You can mark your personal favorites so that you could be alerted to when certain songs or bands are playing, thus turning the entire world of radio into a powerful personal jukebox with unlimited skips.

This ‘song hunting’ really makes the listening experience fun and personal.

Key functionality:
  • Radio streaming
  • Speedy search
  • Adding radio stations to favorites
  • Search by radio stations
  • Music styles directory
  • Minimized version of the player window
  • Modern, intuitive, swipe-based interface
Development time
6 weeks 1 developer