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PUB viewer


Mac application that makes it easy to view, convert and print .PUB Microsoft Publisher files on Mac

Finally! There’s a Microsoft Publisher (.PUB) viewer for the macOS!

Microsoft Publisher files may contain various elements including images, graphics, formatted text and objects. The file extension has undergone a number of revisions, from version 3.0 for Windows 95 up to the current version 15 used by Microsoft Publisher 2013. Major disadvantages of the file type are its lack of portability and completely lack any compatibility with Mac OSX.

The file type cannot be opened by most other applications, including other Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word. We have created Microsoft Publisher (.PUB) viewer for Mac, a must-have app, for those who want to view multiple versions of their PUB documents without having to install Microsoft Windows.

With this PUB Viewer you can:

  • Read document. Each PUB document page is processed with top accuracy, almost all of the document original format and layout are kept successfully. PUB Viewer supports page zoom in/out.
  • Print document. You can easily print your PUB file with your printer.
  • Convert document. PUB Viewer supports converting Microsoft Office Publisher(.pub) Document to Image(.Jpg) and PDF.
Key functionality:
  • Conveniently view .PUB Microsoft Publisher files on Mac
  • Convert .PUB files to PDF
  • Print .PUB documents