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Heart rate monitor application

  • C#
  • Windows
  • WPF
  • .Net
  • Algorithms

The application is developed for a device that tracks the current heart rate of a person, analyzes it and gives proper recommendations.

Client: hospital

Product: Your personal multiparameter health monitor. An efficient solution was developed for doctors to evaluate their patients' health state and help them reduce the negative effects of chronic stress and unhealthy lifestyle. It’s an innovative health-monitoring complex, which includes a heart rate tracking unit and a system of parameters (sleep patterns, diet, water consumption, etc.) a patient or a doctor types in. The program automatically analyses patients’ health state and gives them recommendations. It also shows the health state dynamics in a diagram form for better assessment.

The updated version has breathing biofeedback training sessions and more detailed statistics.

Key functionality:
- HRV test
- Patient cards
- Patient managing
- Save as PDF
- Detailed health assessment reports
- Charts
- Multiple filters




Development time
16 weeks of 1 developer