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Golang Amazon Sellers help tools


Golang based tools to help Amazon sellers! We provide tools to create and deploy marketing landing pages easily with a couple of clicks and a simple money-flow monitoring tool.

As a Marketing page builder, the project allows you to create as many pages as needed and they will be automatically deployed on Heroku. Edit images, texts, layout and publish! The tool also allows you to monitor clicks, visits to clearly understand the conversion rate.

As an Amazon seller helper, the application allows you to upload Amazon reports, add Expenses easily just picking a date and currency and that’s it, your overview dashboard is ready to go. Expenses are being assigned to each of the product categories so you always know what is more or less profitable.

Applications are developed with Golang microservices architecture. PostgreSQL for data storage, Rabbit for easy communication between the apps. AWS S3 for assets secure storage.

Development time
4 weeks 2 developers