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Flights prices comparison microservice

Using Skyscanner and Kiwi to find the best deals for your holiday trip? We have developed a microservices-based application to find the best Flight Deals.

The main goal of this service is to provide the best Deals for Travellers. We are collecting data from popular platforms like Skyscanner and Kiwi, processing it to provide the cheapest and the fastest flights for you and your friends. We also collect information into Deals so you could not only find special route deals but also choose a country which has the best prices during the year.


  • ⁠Flights search
  • ⁠Flights purchase
  • ⁠Travel deals creation
  • Tools:

    • ⁠Node.js
    • ⁠Express
    • ⁠3rd party APIs
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      Development time
      4 weeks 1 developers