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DevOps School


Online center for a US-based school that provides DevOps technology training to their students.

We have developed bespoke web software for the practical DevOps Training courses that allows teaching staff to create lab sessions.

This private hands-on lab environment will be used by:

  • clients of the DevOps training school to build custom Linux/Docker/Kubernetes/Python labs;
  • students as a DevOps project to learn the deployment of a real-world application (this lab software) to dev/staging/production environments with all the components including CI/CD.

The student can see the available labs on their Dashboard. From there, the Lab Completion Statistics page can be accessed.

The labs are built as bash scripts and task lists.


The Lab page is divided into two sections:

  • the Lab Quiz on the left contains the lab-related tasks;
  • the Terminal on the right is connected to the School’s AWS servers (i.e. the student completes the lab within the School’s remote environment).

As soon as the work on the Lab is finished, the contents of the student’s Terminal are sent to the server, the lab assessment script is run, and the results are displayed.


The Admin Panel will allow the school’s teaching staff to:

  • ⁠create courses/labs/quizzes;
  • analyze lab sessions;
  • ⁠unite students into groups;
  • ⁠invite new students to the system via email.
The Front-end part has been developed using Vue.js framework (TypeScript). To speed up the front-end development, a ready-made Admin LTE 3 template has been utilized.
The Back-end part has been built on GO language. PostgreSQL is used as a database.

The application supports Chrome and Safari browsers.

Development time
14 weeks 1 developer