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Sport-bars web banner application

  • Firebase
  • React
  • Redux

ReactJS based demo page for sport-bars promoting certain America Sports events from different bookmakers.

Sport-bars and sport event handlers are now provided with a simple-to-use promotion tool. It allows them to present their visitors with an announcement of events and bookmaker odds that are coming soon.

sport bars1.jpg

The demo page supports the following sport types:

  • ⁠MLB
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • UFC
  • The admin panel has tools for customizing the left ticker, top ticker, and the main event.
    The bottom bar is editable to choose the best colors for the Team Logo background.

    The backend of the system is implemented with Firebase. And the only thing that is separating you from having your own domain with the Demo created for each user - is a simple registration flow.

    Key functionality:

    • Customization
    • API connection
    • Image upload
    • Built-in image editor
    • sport bars3.png
      Development time
      2 weeks of 1 developer