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Cloud storage aggregator


Windows application providing access to files and folders of Dropbox, GoogleDrive accounts within a single interface.

Cloud technologies have been developing very fast recently. Users nowadays have a great possibility to use virtual cloud storage without extra hardware or software consumption. We have a variety of cloud storage to choose from. But why choose one, if we can benefit from all those storages, having easy access to them without a time-consuming switch? Now there’s a Windows application providing access to user’s files and folders on Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive and SugarSync account with the help of only one application.

After installation you will see the application window, divided into 3 parts: folders on the left, files in the central part and account information on the right. Besides, you’ve got all your content classified into several types, such as documents, music, images, videos and others. You can as well control the volume of used space - the information on your storage is displayed in the top right corner.


  • Upload, preview, share, move, rename, copy, delete files
  • Switch among accounts
  • Search feature
Development time
12 weeks 2 developers