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Application for spectroscopy data analysis

Matlab to C# software conversion

The software is meant for detecting and analyzing adulterants in substances.

Spectroscopy data is loaded as an input.

At the first step of development, a Matlab algorithm for adulterants detection was converted into C# language.

At the next stage, it was integrated into WPF application interface.

An application user can make a bulk upload of data entries for processing and be provided with new types of adulterants. The results are saved to a local database.

To make the results visualized the software displays charts and diagrams of detected adulterants and their characteristics.

The application has a licensing system integrated. It’s built on a base of asymmetric cryptography. The algorithm code was protected by obfuscation methods.

NSIS script for installer generating was developed in order to make the software distributable.

Key functionality:

  • Data processing,
  • Charts and diagrams
  • Licensing,
  • Obfuscation
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    Development time
    6 weeks 1 developers