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Ad management platform


Web platform for managing advertising and advertising platforms.

The system registers advertisers who are willing to pay for impressions and clicks on their ads, and publishers - owners of advertising sites who are ready to provide space for advertising.
Detailed statistics in the form of graphs and tables allows users to track traffic, key indicators of advertising campaigns, and their spending and earnings.
The Advanced algorithm matches ads and ad spaces, taking into account the flexible settings set by their owners.
For the advertiser, these settings include the type of advertising, the preferred subject of the advertising platform for the advertiser, the countries from which they want to receive traffic, and the type of payment - for impressions, site visits, registration or purchase on the site.
The publisher can add sites, indicate their subject matter, and configure preferred advertising parameters for them. The publisher also sets the cost of advertising. Earnings are withdrawn to PayPal, credit card or bank account.
Development time
12 weeks 1 developer