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Networking app


An app allowing users located in one area to find each other and share contact information. It can be just on the street or at any event. Meeting new people had never been that easy.

There are quite a lot of people around us everyday. And how often it happens, you meet someone, you say your goodbyes but you can’t remember their name or lose their contact information. Hello app is designed to help you in this situation.


In the background mode, It searches for all the users who are in the area of your Bluetooth coverage. After a few days all found contacts will expire and be deleted, but you can decide which ones to save permanently.

User’s profile page is almost like an average business card with all their social media and a brief that they write themself.

Every user has an ability to create two types of profiles - personal and business.
Users can also decide at what time of the day the profile is visible to others - by schedule or upon manual toggling.

There is also an ability to set connections between other profiles - that way you can mention your colleagues or family.

With the push notifications sending feature, you can send a “Hello” message or any other short message to someone nearby. If you don’t want to receive messages from anyone or from someone particular - you can disable notifications or block someone.

Development time
20 weeks 4 developers