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Video processing for Equestrian competition videos


Horse-racing video processing application

Video processing for Equestrian competition videos.png

The application is created for equestrian organizers. It’s a Windows desktop application with complex machine learning algorithms on the backend. Mostly, OpenCV library is used. For better results we improved the algorithms for our particular purpose. ⁠It’s only required to have videos from different cameras and a list of racers.

The interface of the application allows setting folders where the videos are located on the computer, upload a .xls file with a list of racers (or a Google Sheets link). Nothing else is required. All the magic happens behind users view: AI models are trained, videos are processed. It is possible to turn off certain riders to reduce processing time.

Riders and horses detection.

Software output.
As a result, the application returns Rider’s name, Horse colour, Rider’s number, and the most important - Time interval for this particular Rider. All this data can be recorded to Google Sheets document or can be downloaded as a .xls file.
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Also, it’s possible to generate a video with custom music on it containing all the videos from different cameras for this particular Rider detected by the algorithm. We’ve reached about 90% of accuracy by training Models on different video arrays

Video processing for Equestrian competition videos.png
Development time
16 weeks 2 developers