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Timesheets, invoice and payroll management system


Development of an automated system for timesheets, invoices and payroll management

We have participated in the development of an automated system for timesheets, invoices, and payroll management. If you need to find a timesheet from a year ago for a worker who only worked a day, it’s just a click away.

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The system does not only provide a way to add workers to the system in a form of some ‘names’, but it also has mechanisms for workers’ offline management. The system automatically follows up on users who are missing timesheets, it monitors invoices to be paid on time.

A part of it is automated invoice generation. The system generates custom invoices for any company, or any work scope. It’s simple: set up an invoice layout once and it will be used to send documents automatically based on the work schedule.
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API Integrations presented in the system help handle bookkeeping and administrative tasks automated and spend as less time as possible.
For example, QuickBooks integration will keep your business clear in terms of accounting.
Airtable integration allows your workers to fill in timesheets from a phone, no complex software is needed for that anymore.
HR module provides an amazing experience in applicant management. All of their documents, CVs, contacts, and interview results are in one place. A team of HRs can simply share the candidate’s status via the system, no more messaging in chats and losing information.
The applicant is ready to start working? It’s easy for him or her to the existing Work Order in one click!
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Development time
12 weeks 2 developers