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Route planning application

  • Swift
  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • API

A useful iOS application with functionality of route planning and distance calculation

Our developers have developed a Swift application incorporating Maps and GPS services in order to provide the user with information about the possible routes between two cities. Based on crime indexes, the application shows alarm messages indicating safety level of the selected city.

We've also developed a route planning algorithm in order to construct the route between two cities: crime indexes of starting and destination city, as well as crime indexes of the cities between two points are used to calculate the safety level of the route. Routes that have been found are also marked with different colors according to their safety level.

Each route has a message containing information about the distance between the starting point and the destination city and shows how much time each travel takes in each case.

Key functionality:
- Routes planning




Development time
2 weeks of 1 developer

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