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Application with blocking features

  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • API
  • Browser-extension

Chrome extension and custom browser for iPhone to prevent spoilers of sports events and TV shows.

We have developed a bespoke application that blocks spoilers from sports and TV-related posts.

If you don't want to stumble across a spoiler before you watch a long-expected match or a TV show episode, you can block it on specific websites and from social media feeds, such as Twitter and Facebook. It is highly valuable for sport and TV fans who do not want to poison their pleasure by stumbling across the final results of a game, of any other sporting event, or a plot of an extremely popular TV series.

Fancy that you are looking forward to a match. To avoid coming across a spoiler about the competition results before you watch the game, but at the same time to keep the possibility of browsing safely, it makes sense to use this convenient browser extension. On specifying a keyword, e.g. a name of a sports team or a TV show, you will see only black squares instead of corresponding titles and unwanted pieces of information.

Not only is this program intended to blot out the forbidden words, but also it aims at analyzing other words relevant to the subject and it successfully hides any undesirable news under a black area. Of course, we don't deprive you of the ability to read spoilers if you want to. If you need to get access to the necessary information just click on the black field.

Available for iOS OS and Chrome browser. It works for Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo news, and some other news websites.