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Eye health content platform


A tool to provide ophthalmologists, students of ophthalmology with interactive content about eye health.

This project was developed to provide ophthalmologists and ophthalmology students with a tool that interactively shows various eye conditions, diseases, treatment types, and many other eye health subjects - all aimed at streamlining and simplifying the online experience for thousands of eye care professionals.
Eye health content platform 1.png

The content presented is unique and created with an emphasis on medical details.

Three types of content are provided:

  1. Simulations - HTML Canvas was used.
  2. Videos - JWPlayer and YouTube embedded videos.
  3. PDF documents - more detailed information in a ViewerJS PDF player.
    Eye health content platform 2.png

Every user can add the content into a favorite list to easily find the most commonly used ones.

The system has the possibility to provide several content types for different user groups. Content categories are available on the basis of license type.

Key functionality:

  • Licensing system
  • User Groups
  • YouTube API
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Video, PDF players
Development time
16 weeks 1 developer