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Sidebar Chrome extension


Browser toolbar displaying useful links for YouTube and Vimeo video that is being played.

Everything you want to know about a video, all in one place while you watch.

The extension lets you see what’s inside web videos, helping you connect with content creators, music, movies, brands, lyrics, touring info, and much other stuff, all in one place while you watch.

We find all the sites and services related to the video you’re watching and make them accessible wherever the video is playing.

Multiple APIs were integrated to provide data for the sidebar - Soundcloud, Spotify, Discogs, etc.

API requests are processed simultaneously to maintain the high performance of the extension.

Key functionality:
  • YouTube Movies API
  • Amazon Product Advertising API
  • SoundCloud API
  • Discogs API
  • MusicBrainz API
  • Spotify API
  • Genius search API
  • API
  • Google Analytics events integration
  • Shortcuts
Development time
8 weeks 1 developer