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Renewable energy trading platform

  • React

Landing page and trading console UI/UX development of a platform for Renewable energy traders

Our UI/UX team had developed a Landing page and trading console UI/UX of a website for Renewable energy traders.

We were responsible to transform clients’ needs and rough wireframes into a good-looking and responsive interface.

Implementing the design mockups, we were impressed by clean designs in order not to disturb users with too bright colors or a huge amount of useless information. It is obvious that traders are spending all day on the platform so our goal was to show the most important information only and leave all extra behind.

grexc landing.png

Several iterations of the design and prototyping process allowed us to get the most optimal layout which only required API integration before being delivered to the end-users.

grexc market.png

The next stage is to implement mobile-friendly mockups which would allow us to provide the same usage comfort as desktop does.

grexc pro console.png
Development time
3 weeks of 2 developers