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P2P worm propagation model


Modification of the algorithm that simulates propagation of topology-aware P2P worms.

The work is related to the analysis and modification of the algorithm simulating spread topology of P2P worms.

It is based on the method described in the article “Modelling the propagation of topology aware P2P worms considering temporal parameters” by E.Mojahedi and M.A. Azgomi. It describes simulating worms distribution in unstructured P2P networks.

Also the developers have made an analysis of the latest works in this area and have suggested an adaptation of algorithm for analysis in structured networks like Chord.

Primarily based on the Chord protocol network and the proposed epidemiological models of a simulation model of network worms the NelLogo program has been invented, the solution of adapted system management was realized by a Matlab system.

The final parameters of the system were selected with the help of a regression model (also known as “regression / prediction model”) using the data obtained during the simulation. The result of the report has been compiled as a report into an academic study, including a description of the basic concepts in this area, a literature review and a complete description of the resulting model.