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Application for creating 3d objects


Building 3d models by processing raster images with repetitive patterns.

The software interface is used to upload raster images with repetitive patterns. A result of image processing is a three-dimensional model.

The application has 2 modes - default and advanced.

In a default mode, a user can input a contrast raster image. After that, they can use certain tools to configure its dimensions by either cutting or joining repetitive pattern elements which actually are copies of the original image.

Also, the user can set the height of the desired object and a relative height of its convex part. As a result, the internal algorithm generates a 3d model that has a convex pattern which matches dark areas of the input image.

An advanced version of the software has an option to apply tension and compression operations to a resulting model. It will produce additional convex areas of a prespecified form. At the same time model distortion influences the size and form of pattern elements.

Key functionality:
  • 3d model generation
Development time
2 weeks 1 developer