About us

Your ideas — our solutions. Our experience for your success.

Zuzex operates in the international market of software products, providing customized services on innovative mobile, desktop, and web applications, as well as solutions for data science.

We are focused on establishing long-term relationships and therefore strive to provide the highest quality and work as a partner, not just a contractor.

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We’re aimed at your business’s success and profitability, and our everyday hard work focuses on an increase in your company’s headline indicators. We create advanced web and mobile solutions, automate the processes, take advantage of the newest opportunities.

Our values

  • Innovations

    In the era of digitalization, the programming field is changing at an extremely fast pace.

    More than ever, companies require innovation to provide a competitive edge for their products, operations, and business models.

    While looking for quick solutions it is easy to forget that thinking about the future is crucial, and not just keeping an eye on the current situation. It is the #1 priority for us to boost our innovation activity in order to create new products, develop better business models, and defy competition.

  • Team

    No one can innovate alone.

    We strongly believe that the company’s touchstone is its people, so we are proud of our team of carefully selected developers. Not only are they passionate about technology & development, but within the times they have been maintaining the atmosphere of trust, engagement, and mutual assistance, which we consider to be not less important than bare skills.

    Understanding the overall objectives and close collaboration throughout the development lifecycle - that is what we stake on.

  • Customized approach

    As a rule, one-size-fits-all solutions are unable to meet the special aspects and requirements of your business.

    Any business is unique in nature, therefore it requires an individual approach. Before starting work, we study your business processes in detail. We strive for a complete understanding of them. Even if we act according to your SOW, it is still desirable to “dive” into your business, because having insider’s knowledge often brings us to much better implementation proposals.

  • Continuous learning

    Technology becomes obsolete at warp speed. In real work, what was relevant a year ago is now out of date.

    Therefore, the lifelong learning concept is what we put our belief in.

    The ability to continuously learn is a key skill and selection criteria for software engineers, designers, QA engineers, and other specialists in Zuzex. Constant training is what allows us to stay current and competitive.

We are proud to have top industry experts, who are able to build a sustainable architecture, predict the behavior of the system in case of load growth and build in the mechanisms that will help withstand it. They are able to pre-emptively comprehend the paths of data movement inside the system (under the hood) and design the optimal module structure in such a way that the operating speed from the user's point of view was the highest possible. Be sure we treat your project as our own.

Our approach

  1. Elaboration of the project concept and use cases
  2. Brainstorming and assistance with SOW composing
  3. Consulting about the best possible technology stack and architecture
  4. Designing graphic mockups
    If required
  5. Software development with built-in scalability
  6. Integration of the developed solution with the existing client software
    If required
  7. Providing the customer with all the necessary support documentation
  8. QA and warranty of the developed software

From concept to market and beyond: the experience we have gained will help you at the stage of setting the requirements for the future program to take possible conflicts into account and prevent them, reconsider and improve your company's business processes, boosting them to a new level taking current trends into account. Superior performance guaranteed.

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