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Video converter software

  • C#

Application for converting video files from one format to another.

Product: You have probably faced a problem when you finally found a video you’ve been long looking for, but your gadget is reluctant to play it.

We’ve comу up with a video converter, that shows excellent performance in converting video files from one format to another with almost no quality loss. About 20 input and output formats of video are supported. User can run simultaneous processing of multiple video files .

Supported formats: mov, mpg, 3gp, wmv, mpeg, mp4, m4v, 3g2, avi, vob, rm, ogm, divx, flv, acc.


  • Multiple formats support
  • Multithreading
  • Set output folder
  • Tools:

    • C#
    • FFMPEG library
    • 490545a7f2a14fb6b6c22bbda24c52c902c8dacf.jpg
      Development time
      4 weeks of 1 developer