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Adware cleaner for Mac


Application to remove adware, spyware, and restore user browser.

A solution for quick, smart & thorough scanning & removing undesired adware and browser extensions from the user’s Mac. The technology you can trust. Scanning all the critical locations adware can hide in.
cleaner for Mac.png

Today about 25% of virus attacks start with an infected ad! Adware detection and removal is therefore a guarantee of your digital safety. It is your shield from conceivably mischievous online advertisements. Not only does Adware Cleaner stop redirecting to dangerous websites, but it also protects your privacy.

Adware Cleaner scans for real adware using adware signatures. The software makes it easy to identify the malicious files, remove all adware, and restore the user’s web browser back to normal in one click.

Key functionality:

  • Animated interface
  • Browser extensions removal
  • Adware scanning and cleaning
Development time
6 weeks 1 developer